Introduction to Church History

David J. Goa teaches religious studies and theology, leads workshops and seminars on the demanding issues of religion and public life and engages the media on many of these issues. 


Classes with David Goa at St. Stephen's Collage

David teaches, and offers seminars and workshops, on topics such as leadership in times of deep difference, tradition and modern culture, issues of religion and public life, and the gifts of religious tradition. These teachings are one of the many ways he seeks to move public and religious discourse beyond the ideological silos that so often limit public understanding.



SSC521 Introduction to Church History

An exploration through the lens of art, music and the spiritual life

May 27-31 • 2019

In this introduction to the history of Christianity we will do two things by taking the history of the church more seriously than cultural historians normally do and taking culture more seriously than church historians normally do. We will explore how the various epochs of Christian history drew from the pallet of the Gospels an anchoring image of Jesus Christ to shape and reshape the presence of the church within the culture(s) of the period. Responding to recent historical studies that argue theology can no longer be written solely from the perspective of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, Wittenberg and Canterbury, we will engage the reshaping of the tradition and the church that has emerged from Asia, Africa, Latin America and various other indigenous communities of faith.

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