Invitations for Conversation & Reflection

The Bible: A Weapon or Life-Giving Word


David Goa presents the Herr Lecture
When: November 26th, 2017
Where: Burman University

Of all the sacred texts held dear in the human family the Bible stands out as the most deeply human of revelations. It is the word about the Word of God, Jesus Christ, the Incarnation, the fullest expression Christians have of God’s Love and of what it means to be human. Because it is so deeply human it has been subject to enormous and tragic abuse. Because it is so deeply human it has been the source of what is life-giving even in the darkest hours, life-giving for saints and sinners alike. Jews and Christians have a variety of disciplines that cultivate a disposition intended to nurture the faithful's “hearing” the scripture as a healing word that pulls empathy from enmity by deepening our attentiveness to the “Word made flesh and dwelling among us”. Do the Jewish spiritual disciplines that shaped how Jesus Christ first heard the life-giving word of scripture, disciplines he held dear, provide us with an antidote for turning ideological preoccupations that weaponize scripture into attentiveness to its life-giving Word?