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Spiritual Friendship and Caring For The Soul of The City



The essay Spiritual Friendship and Caring for the Soul of the City is available in Religion and the Good of the City published by Cardus at the following link below, here is an excerpt:

Several years ago one of Canada’s foremost ethical thinkers commented to a gathering of largely left-leaning Christian activists that he sometimes thought they had done the job of translating religious language into a public language so well that their children no longer had even a feel for why the church, as local parish, should exist—much less why their parents continued to participate in the life of a congregation. He went on to say that one of his children had abandoned the church altogether and showed no interest even in talking about it. The other child had found a new church: working for the New Democratic Party. The NDP provided him with community, society, ethical work, and a sense of purpose beyond his own interests.