Invitations for Conversation & Reflection

A conversation on the Christian responsibility to Muslims

A conversation on the Christian responsibility to Muslims.jpg

Highlands Baptist Church
5351 – 112 Avenue, Edmonton
Friday, June 21, 7-9 PM
Saturday, June 22, 2-5 PM

Following a reflection by David, guests are invited to think and talk together framed by the following four themes:

  1. Turning People into Symbols. Thinking together about Islamophobia and the phobia of the West and the commandment to “not bear false witness” and the Christian antidote restoring our capacity to be present to all that is best in the stranger we are invited to know.

  2. The Landscape of Christian – Muslim Conversation. Christianity and Islam have shared a landscape since the 7th century. In various time and place fruitful encounters deepening the spiritual life of both communities has unfolded. At other times enmity has raised its head. Both the shadow and the light of the memory of both Christianity and Islam may inform how we respond to each other in the face of contemporary challenges.

  3. Conversations Ancient and Modern. Both Christians and Muslims receive a call through their scripture and those who lived a sanctified life to hospitable encounters with those they did not know, the stranger at the gate. What may we learn from the rich discipline of spiritual friendship taught and modeled by Jesus Christ on engaging our Muslim neighbour.

  4. Thinking About the Prophet Muhammad. For our Muslim brothers and sisters the Prophet Muhammad is “the most excellent” teacher and model. How should Christians think about who he was, his relationship to God and how to regard him in light of geo-political struggles and our friendship with Muslims.

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