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In Conversation with Andrew Corley

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My friend Greg Pennoyer who sits on the board of Prison Fellowship International (PFI) introduced me to Andrew Corley who became the President and CEO of PFI a year ago. I welcomed the opportunity to meet for several reasons. First, is the work in prisons through the Ephesus project colleagues and I have engaged over the last few years. Second, is Andy’s formation and service through the Salvation Army, an evangelical church that befriended my mother in Norway when she was a small child. Evangelicals have long been leaders in prison ministry around the world. Charles Colson, chief counsel for President Richard Nixon, founded Prison Fellowship following his guilty plea in the midst of the Watergate inquiry and his incarceration at the Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Alabama for seven months. There are now national Prison Fellowships in 119 countries spanning various cultures and religious communities and Prison Fellowship International works with all of them assisting in ways to enlarge their good work.

Andrew developed his strategic thinking and leadership skills in management as director of global construction companies. I welcome you to our conversation moving from his way of shaping business and questions of purpose, on what it means to be “salt and light” in the market place, and, on how working in prisons is transformative for those who enter behind the walls of separation.